Born and played in a mud hut on the sands of gods own country; Puthiyangadi, a village near Cannanore now called as Kannur, Kerala. Grew up, schooled and worked in Tulunadu, Kudla, Mangalore, now known as Mangaluru, Karnataka, India, thanks to the strong maternal instincts of Sarojini, my mother; who brought up 3 kids in an alien land and a govt employee father who traveled and distanced himself.

Slowly became a dynamic person who implemented new, philosophical and historical approaches to achieve results at work as an analyst crunching numbers and leading teams to develop software and websites. A dedicated professional, excellent people manager, awesome team player, amateur TT (ping pong) player, out of tune flutist, a guitarist, walker, jogger and 1/2 marathoner.

I develop/facilitate websites for NGO’s and businesses under R.A.T.S and market renewable energy and water management system for ARDC.IN. Trained as a business analyst at Rites Inc. Richmond, USA, I headed voice sales processes for Star Infotech, Kaikamba for a year and prior to that was 9 years tenure as tech/data/realtime analyst at Mphasis, Mangaluru as a real-time analyst (WFM) and Command Center (MIS) where I was part of the MphasiS transition team which brought a UNIX process to Bangalore.

I love to visit intriguing historical sites and mountain ranges and listen to soothing soul music of the landscape and connect spiritually. Mostly traveled West coast of India and East coast of USA.

A spiritual geek, interested in cosmology, astrophysics, astrology, metaphysics, energy theories. Prefer reading mythological, self-improvement, nonfiction books and listen to soul, club or trance music. Interests range from technology, Reiki, haiku, shares , options & currencies), cooking, astronomy, gardening, learning languages and musical instruments.

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