July 2014 to Dec 2014


brothers in arms
fueled by land and missiles
blood spurts through warm sand

Sand shines glassy bright
Perimeter of the war
sings booms and hisses

Torment of the skies
Sunlight bathes in Sadness
parched green happiness

Lonely lighthouse
Out there to help one and all
Forever awake

Memories sneak out
Roll down cheeks from both eyes
Many suns go by

We find very less aspirants these days as the moral fabric have torn and formed deeper gashes.
There are many relationships they value more than the one godly one. Cant blame technology to be one but earlier science was banned by religion.
Those willing to be martyrs are many and them willing to knock pearly gates , few.

6. every breathe without love
heavily laden sadness
fall season arrives

7. Depression sleeps
Spontaneity wakes up
Foraging for food

8. Human marvel
Multiplying tiny cells
Full blown war

9. A useless bottle
perfectly imperfect
coke splash onto rum

10 Inhale
Be in the now zazen

11. Close your eyes
Here lies eternity
Morning comes soon

12. Beauty begets looks
Ugly moves unhindered
beauty without brains is ugly
Ugly with brains is beautiful
Symmetry of beauty is artificial

13. Emotions
Defying gravity
Invoking feelings

14. rained out sunday
made friends with two pomfrets
along with lunch

15. Nice rain
Feel like having a peg
On the beach

16. Stars are aligning
Confrontation of sorts
human emotions
#iPhone6 Myku

17. Oh delicious fish, caught unwittingly in a fisherman’s net
Oh lil egg, taken slyly from underneath your mothers warm nest
To lie waiting in the cold refrigerator and then hot oven and batter
Sheared, smeared, tasted, bruised and layered on bread and butter

You fruits and berries plucked from trees and stems
Leaves along with roots uprooted among gems
glorious colours of cocoa, vanilla, coffee and tea clovers
Dried and burnt to get aromas and flavors

Oh butchers knife that kills and cuts meat out of live birds and animals
Those shepherds shearing the warmth away to warm themselves
Machines that crawl the land and the sea screeching and uprooting
The fabric of life as it existed once upon a time is creaking

Everything done for the pleasures of a human appetite and senses
Trees uprooted to build homes, rivers dammed, oil burnt unscrupulously for those purposes
In the name of progress, funds will leave no stone unturned
Even get god particle in front to flirt with science of evil unperturbed

This is the good, pious living off the earth in perfect harmony with the sad bad generous with no reality check

18. You got that partly right. Let me shed some light into the alien theory. There are many references to aliens in ancient texts drawings and architecture. But none refers to people coming in warships. Those are hollywoood theories . ancient travellers crossed to continents but no such references exist except that of Europeans who travelled. There does exists stories from ancient texts of flying chariots, horses, birds on which humans who were godlike travelled bringing with them wealth and gold and powers to heal and weapons of mass destruction to wage wars.
Even thou the encounters and mutual cooperation are established and the trade mainly in gold and exchange of knowledge does exist and are documented, there is no evidence of travel to stars or constellations.
There is the reference to appearing and disappearing act.
Here we got to thing in terms of other dimensions and parallel universe or solar system or niburu. Since these contacts have taken place at various intervals, there need to be a timeline of these worlds approaching with lifeforms. The remnants of which we seee as encounters.
As for intelligent human creation. There has to be outside intervention to bring about such drastic change in physiology and characteristics to serve a certain purpose, most probably as a work force commanded to complete tasks.

cacophony of thoughts
Silences noise

Liquid slices through
Dribbling without effort
stone in its path


The sound of one hand clapping on the right or left cheek , heard in the right or the left ear, reverberates through the body convulsing in spasms ensuring existence is void from that moment on and silence follows