June 2015 on

Then begins era of power hungry money grabbers follow right after
see many corporate Dracula’s there who can easily plough back benefits
to consumers or needy of the world

There you go frowning
shut yourself self down
oblivious of chimes
one sense at a time
leave tribulations behind
draw life force within
Nirvana beckons thee

At the behest of reality
Consciousness took shape
Intelligence formed structure
Thoughts performed
Ignorance prevailed
Destroyed existence
Reality suffers

Light shrieks through space

Burns through cloudy atmosphere
Pierce through skin

rain beckons  wetness

Slithers down mossy greens

gusty winds feed

God created earth in 10 days
Made a man and woman out of mud from Africa
A snake scared them and made them eat an apple.
Neanderthals were their offsprings and lost color in Europe
Animals and birds were transported in a boat
Fish were in water is swimming while sea parted
Egyptians Mayans ancient Indians all prayed natural things and powerful objects emitting magnetic and Strong energy of well being
Built huge structures for don’t know what .
Rules of good and bad appeared in books .
Compiled from different writers and constitution .
Following blindly without using brains is today’s humans .
All writing from same source but fights their book is better. Their country is better , their constitution , economy is better .

Ringing the Bell

the sound of resonates

Air vibrates

Traversing space

Echoing through mediums

creating pathways

Clanging bells

Noise wards off evil

Human belief

Life is like an empty sheer of paper

Deciding on what kind of pen to use.

Or will a pencil and eraser do?

Is there a specific subject; or can it be imagined or stolen

Will another page come by and make it a story?

Or will it be a novel, poem or article ?

Can it be a thriller , fiction or turn out to be cartoons ?

Many years does it take for acclaim.

Many eyes shall read and proclaim.

The greatness of what was once

A blank sheet of paper with brooding eyes

To be written or be thrown

Sometimes we see the light
Sometimes the spark
It all started the same way
An enormous explosion

Of emotions unknown
Desires and craving
Fear obscure

The spark cascades
Consumes and exudes
Grows up arrogant
Vain and intolerant

The cycle of life
Seeks another
A victim of pleasure

Until the light goes out
And the sparks dwindle
Sometimes we see the light
Sometimes the spark


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