Copying Others

Tina and Pinky were very good friends. They used to go to school together and since they lived in same building both would play together as well.
Though Tina and Pinky were bright students Tina would always score better than pinky. Pinky would feel disappointed and wonder why does Tina always have upper hand in studies. But when it came to sports pinky would always come first and tina would always fall behind. But tina never felt disappointed or jealous. She would whole heartedly praise and congratulate pinky.
One day during class test tina as usual scored 10 out of 10 and pinky scored 8 out of 10. Pinky was again unhappy looking at her score. After reaching home she was sitting in her room and then suddenly thought why not she check with Tina and follow Tina’s study pattern. So she decided that now on she will always check with Tina which subject is she studying and she too will study the same subjects. Tina was very good at math and whereas pinky was good in social studies.
Next day in school the mid term exam dates where announced. Pinky immediately decided that she would study with tina. Tina happily agreed and aftr school every evening pinky would go to tinas house to study. Tina knew which subject she wanted more attention and had planned accordingly and decided to give more importance to those subjects. She told pinky the same thing that she too should plan her studies and give more importance to subjects which she is weak at. Pinky thought tina was misguiding her and was studying the same subjects what tina was studying. Since tina was good at math so shedecided that she would work on math only a day before math exam But pinky was bit slow in maths and since she was copying tinas study habits she too neglected maths. Exams started and the first subject was math. So as planned tina picked her math book and started working on various calculations a day before exam. Pinky too picked her book to solve the math calculations. But she was seeing stars. She was not able to complete even one chapter after struggling for 2 hrs. Whereas tina had already completed half of the portion.
Pinky got very nervous. She din know what to do. She started crying as she was not able to understand some topics. Tina asked pinky the reason for her outbreak. Pinky told her the reason. At this Tina said “I had told you earlier itself that you should give importance to subjects which you are weak at. But you did not listen to me”. She further said “I know you would get unhappy when I score more than you and that’s why you wanted to cooy my study pattern”.
Tin held pinkys hand and told we are good friends. Don’t let jealously come in way of our friendship. Each person is unique and each one has their own strength and weakness.
Pinky realised her mistake and hugged tina and apologised to her. Tina said “ Now wipe off your tears. I will help you with Maths”.
Tina helped pinky with her studies and pinky fared well in the exam


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