Good behaviour towards Kids.

Wow wat a lovely day. Exclaimed preeti as she woke up that morning.
She was very happy as it was her first day of summer vacation.
She happily got off the bed and ran out of her room. There she saw her parents having breakfast.
She first hugged her dad and her dad too kissed her on the forehead and wished her goodmorning.
When she turned to her mom, her mom was in a awful mood and did not respond to her in a pleasant way.
Her mom scolded her for waking up late and coming to the breakfast table without brushing or washing her face.
Preeti felt bad about how her mom behaved. She went to her room freshened up and came back to the table.
When they were having breakfast preetis mom said something to preethi’s dad and he replied to her very rudely. Her mom did not like this rude behaviour and asked her husband why did he behave so rudely. She said he could have explained to her in a better way without shouting. She further went on to say that if he scolds her infront of the kid, the kid will learn from the rude behaviour and might start treating her in the same way when she grows up.
At this preeti’s father replied : the same applies to you as well. If you have to explain anything to the kid even you need to be calm and patient. If we start scolding the kids over small things they will learn the same. He further said when preeti came to hug, you should have told her to go and brush and wash her face everyday as soon as she wakes up rather than yelling at her. This way kids will understand and listen to her.
Preeti’s mom realised her mistake and hugged preeti and apologised for her behaviour.


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