Laziness Never Pays

In a forest lived a squirrel. The squirrel was very lazy and would spend most of the time sleeping or playing pranks on other animals or making fun of them.
There was an ant who was the squirrels neighbour. The squirrel would always make fun of the ant saying “ Why do you always work like a slave. Why don’t u enjoy your life like me”. “ Just look at me. I enjoy my life to the fullest. What do you get by working so hard”.
The ant did not speak anything as she knew there was no point talking to the squirrel.
One day there was a announcement in the forest that there would be heavy rains for next few days. The ant decided to stock up food so that she will have enough food. She thought that as soon as the rain ends she may not be able to go hunting for food and hence decided to store sufficient food to last for few months. She had food in her store room but still decided to store more food.
The ant was busy stocking up food and the squirrel as usual was playing and doing nothing.
Within a couple of days it started raining very heavily in the forest. It rained and rained. Days went by, weeks went but still the rain had not stopped.
TheThe ant was safely staying at home and was not worrying much because she had sufficient food to last for few months.
One day the ant was sipping her tea sitting by the window and enjoying the rain when she saw the squirrel running from tree to tree.
She thought the squirrel would be upto some mischief and just ignored.
Next day when the ant was just relaxing on her couch she heard a soft thud. She ran to the window and peeped outside
She saw the squirrel lying on the ground. At first she thought the squirrel was as usual playing pranks. But she noticed that it was raining very heavily and the squirrel was not moving a inch. She got a bit worried and she took her umbrella and went near the squirrel.
When she reached near she noticed that the squirrel was lying there unconscious. She hurriedly dragged the squirrel to her house. Covered him with blanket. When the squirrel gained conscious she gave hot cup of coffee to drink.
The squirrel felt ashamed of his previous behaviour towards the ant and hung his head down in shame and asked for forgiveness
The ant told squirrel that she has forgiven him and also said that we should always be prepared for the worst and always hardwork pays.

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