June 2015 on

Then begins era of power hungry money grabbers follow right after
see many corporate Dracula’s there who can easily plough back benefits
to consumers or needy of the world

There you go frowning
shut yourself self down
oblivious of chimes
one sense at a time
leave tribulations behind
draw life force within
Nirvana beckons thee

At the behest of reality
Consciousness took shape
Intelligence formed structure
Thoughts performed
Ignorance prevailed
Destroyed existence
Reality suffers

Light shrieks through space

Burns through cloudy atmosphere
Pierce through skin

rain beckons  wetness

Slithers down mossy greens

gusty winds feed

God created earth in 10 days
Made a man and woman out of mud from Africa
A snake scared them and made them eat an apple.
Neanderthals were their offsprings and lost color in Europe
Animals and birds were transported in a boat
Fish were in water is swimming while sea parted
Egyptians Mayans ancient Indians all prayed natural things and powerful objects emitting magnetic and Strong energy of well being
Built huge structures for don’t know what .
Rules of good and bad appeared in books .
Compiled from different writers and constitution .
Following blindly without using brains is today’s humans .
All writing from same source but fights their book is better. Their country is better , their constitution , economy is better .

Ringing the Bell

the sound of resonates

Air vibrates

Traversing space

Echoing through mediums

creating pathways

Clanging bells

Noise wards off evil

Human belief

Life is like an empty sheer of paper

Deciding on what kind of pen to use.

Or will a pencil and eraser do?

Is there a specific subject; or can it be imagined or stolen

Will another page come by and make it a story?

Or will it be a novel, poem or article ?

Can it be a thriller , fiction or turn out to be cartoons ?

Many years does it take for acclaim.

Many eyes shall read and proclaim.

The greatness of what was once

A blank sheet of paper with brooding eyes

To be written or be thrown

Sometimes we see the light
Sometimes the spark
It all started the same way
An enormous explosion

Of emotions unknown
Desires and craving
Fear obscure

The spark cascades
Consumes and exudes
Grows up arrogant
Vain and intolerant

The cycle of life
Seeks another
A victim of pleasure

Until the light goes out
And the sparks dwindle
Sometimes we see the light
Sometimes the spark


December 2014 to may 2015

too many sunsets
Wondered why shadow decreased
Sun rise after long


backside of the heart
Lies Hidden emotions
Bright Like back of moon
Jan 25

Glorious morning
Happy to meet alive self
Shaman continues

New revelation
Something knocking to get out
Child finds her heart beat

Jazzy’s #haiku

The power of light..
Vibrates through the core of earth
Human awakens


Streets light up at night
moon looks for his partner
Throbbing hearts


Evening sun rays
Reflection on windowpane
Plants bathe again

Sadness in birds eyes
His hoarse calls seeking a mate
Winter sets in

Help me!
I want to ask u
No one in sight

The sea looks calm
Waves ebb and flow
Sands of time drift

Face in the grass
Choosing the tastiest

warm wooded morning
straining under ebb and flow
soft breeze throbs away

a wiff and a sip
warm Pungent sweetness flows
the glass gets drunk

Birds take shelter
night comes in broad daylight
eerie silence

#eclipse ©@Surajvinay@gmail.com.

dark clouds of sadness part
thunderous voices resound from past
flashes bright of inspirations abate
gusts of dejection and bitterness dissipate

the path lays littered to trod on,
crystal clear happiness beckon..
oh! human you are not the first
and I Suraj am not the last

Rainbows all around
Happy Water splashes loud
Bubbles fill bathtub

Clear dawn sky
Birds fly silently
Cars roar by

Blow into a wish
dandelion sorrows_
Find happiness

find solace in love
find Meaning of existence
Where not thrives life

-eternally yours

The world created out of consciousness
saw, amazed, realized, hoped, wished
Received out of thoughtfulness
Peace and turmoil hand in hand
Where there is one, there is another
What one gives out to the world
The world receives and gives out the other
Caused, suffered , delivered
Thus shall it be so.

Halo round the moon
After a torrid Eclipse
Lonely heart sighs

Light up a smoke
Journey of thousand miles
Travelled in minutes

So bitter
You don’t need to taste it
Life sucks.

Tired moon..
Behind veil of clouds moving
Tires grind the road

sun and rain pass
beside swings motionless
await happy squeals

Misty morning woes
Rust creeps in
Silent toddler swings

heat of summer soars
Flashes of lightning teases
Fish in cool water

Smoggy morning
Happy people off to work
Spewing nauseous fumes
Honking to glory…
Coughs and wheezes
Struggling to breathe
Another day goes by
Squeezing inhaler

Painted on canvas
Floral tribute

A lifetime waltzing, artists queuing, media glaring
The fame and glory, slowly fading, withdrawing
home so crowded, now lonely memories
confined by windows and walls
creaking bones as age catches up and death beckons from afar
Days go by yearning the forgotten days
Glimpses of glory, faintly remember
Of someone,something, somewhere
From the window across the road
she reminiscences
A life well spent bountiful wishes

Deft strokes layers paint
Copy colors of nature
Canvas thickens

Thinking of all the shit in my life
She came along
So pretty she sways
In her pretty dress
So blind she is lookin out
Pretty things fly by

Look pretty
Smile at the camera
Act genuine
Speak someone’s writing
Dress nice
Sing someone’s song
Dance to steps
Reach for the stars
Fake it real
Live for masses
Mark up their prices
Sell them your stuff
Be the judge and their jury
Life in the media
hypocrisy at its best
Perfect role model
Tears are not real
Road to success
One frame at a time

old lady on the road
sleeping in between divider
opposite psr silk, woodlands, goldfinch
food provided by a kid
called white doves who asked to call 108
called 108 who asked who patient is and check what ails her
Called Wenlock hospital no one picked
Friend went there and enquired told to call 100
Called 100 reached bangalore

Glorious morning rays
Old lady seeking alms
appears with extended hand
Pouted I, shook my head
Let her know no coins exists
in constantly draining pant pockets
Pulled out the purse and checked
Went for the paper instead
A crisp note gave her did I
And no remorse go by
Beckoned she to show my head
Over crown passed her hand
Like a sweet mothers caress
For a child with care so nice
happens she wore a burqa in mist
Where fear, repercussions and bias exist
When it comes to show gratitude
boundaries dissappear of solitude
So say I in the morning sun
On a life’s journey take one
Where butterfly feeds free
On bounties that eyes can see
Give all what you have
Receive what you will crave

Glorious morning rays
Old lady seeking alms
appears with extended hand
Pouted I, shook my head
Let her know no coins exists
in constantly draining pant pockets
Pulled out the purse and checked
Went for the paper instead
A crisp note gave her did I
And no remorse go by
Beckoned she to show my head
Over crown passed her hand
Like a sweet mothers caress
For a child with care so nice
happens she wore a burqa in mist
Where fear, repercussions and bias exist
When it comes to show gratitude
boundaries dissappear of solitude
So say I in the morning sun
On a life’s journey take one
Where butterfly feeds free
On bounties that eyes can see
Give all what you have
Receive what you will crave

Later another Lady in shrouds
Baby arms sits across
Spies the water bottle
Asks for a swig
Offered her the same
She drank every drop of it
Gestured if she ate
She said no

Asked why she dint
She begs she said
Husband operation bedridden
Told her to take a seat in front
She did reeking of sweat unwashed clothes
Queried what her plans for kid
She had none
Where she stayed
She didn’t know
Kid never made a sound
Could be drugged
Scrutinised some more
Offerd her a big note
She thanked and then
asked where I stay
Right here I said

Dreamt of reaching there
Went to a mall type lounge
Partying and danced
Made a black friend
Realized had to go
Then went through the back door of a veg restaurant
Went down to stamp visa
Realized forgot passport
Can see trains over head
Went into city thinking how to get back into and out since not stamped
Met a lady who won lottery
Walking with her to her claim point
Went to beach house in natives with her and a girl
Showing around in rik
Sea turns blue and green
Rickshaw tried to escape
Huge wave size of tall building engulfs it
Deep breath and starts to swim upwards not struggling

Summer heat / breeze gathers dark clouds above / tiny drop of rain

Watching, serene, calm
poised attentive frog🐸 sparkling water gush💦

July 2014 to Dec 2014


brothers in arms
fueled by land and missiles
blood spurts through warm sand

Sand shines glassy bright
Perimeter of the war
sings booms and hisses

Torment of the skies
Sunlight bathes in Sadness
parched green happiness

Lonely lighthouse
Out there to help one and all
Forever awake

Memories sneak out
Roll down cheeks from both eyes
Many suns go by

We find very less aspirants these days as the moral fabric have torn and formed deeper gashes.
There are many relationships they value more than the one godly one. Cant blame technology to be one but earlier science was banned by religion.
Those willing to be martyrs are many and them willing to knock pearly gates , few.

6. every breathe without love
heavily laden sadness
fall season arrives

7. Depression sleeps
Spontaneity wakes up
Foraging for food

8. Human marvel
Multiplying tiny cells
Full blown war

9. A useless bottle
perfectly imperfect
coke splash onto rum

10 Inhale
Be in the now zazen

11. Close your eyes
Here lies eternity
Morning comes soon

12. Beauty begets looks
Ugly moves unhindered
beauty without brains is ugly
Ugly with brains is beautiful
Symmetry of beauty is artificial

13. Emotions
Defying gravity
Invoking feelings

14. rained out sunday
made friends with two pomfrets
along with lunch

15. Nice rain
Feel like having a peg
On the beach

16. Stars are aligning
Confrontation of sorts
human emotions
#iPhone6 Myku

17. Oh delicious fish, caught unwittingly in a fisherman’s net
Oh lil egg, taken slyly from underneath your mothers warm nest
To lie waiting in the cold refrigerator and then hot oven and batter
Sheared, smeared, tasted, bruised and layered on bread and butter

You fruits and berries plucked from trees and stems
Leaves along with roots uprooted among gems
glorious colours of cocoa, vanilla, coffee and tea clovers
Dried and burnt to get aromas and flavors

Oh butchers knife that kills and cuts meat out of live birds and animals
Those shepherds shearing the warmth away to warm themselves
Machines that crawl the land and the sea screeching and uprooting
The fabric of life as it existed once upon a time is creaking

Everything done for the pleasures of a human appetite and senses
Trees uprooted to build homes, rivers dammed, oil burnt unscrupulously for those purposes
In the name of progress, funds will leave no stone unturned
Even get god particle in front to flirt with science of evil unperturbed

This is the good, pious living off the earth in perfect harmony with the sad bad generous with no reality check

18. You got that partly right. Let me shed some light into the alien theory. There are many references to aliens in ancient texts drawings and architecture. But none refers to people coming in warships. Those are hollywoood theories . ancient travellers crossed to continents but no such references exist except that of Europeans who travelled. There does exists stories from ancient texts of flying chariots, horses, birds on which humans who were godlike travelled bringing with them wealth and gold and powers to heal and weapons of mass destruction to wage wars.
Even thou the encounters and mutual cooperation are established and the trade mainly in gold and exchange of knowledge does exist and are documented, there is no evidence of travel to stars or constellations.
There is the reference to appearing and disappearing act.
Here we got to thing in terms of other dimensions and parallel universe or solar system or niburu. Since these contacts have taken place at various intervals, there need to be a timeline of these worlds approaching with lifeforms. The remnants of which we seee as encounters.
As for intelligent human creation. There has to be outside intervention to bring about such drastic change in physiology and characteristics to serve a certain purpose, most probably as a work force commanded to complete tasks.

cacophony of thoughts
Silences noise

Liquid slices through
Dribbling without effort
stone in its path


The sound of one hand clapping on the right or left cheek , heard in the right or the left ear, reverberates through the body convulsing in spasms ensuring existence is void from that moment on and silence follows

Haiku in USA – mar to July 2014


Sun shines softly
moving through greying clouds..
Pine leaves aim high.



Chem trails crisscross

The blue morning sky

Question existence

Place of worship
Prayers transmitted
Petal falls; Hope

You look for a sign
Squirrel scampered down one branch
And up another

Eagle on a branch
Too lazy to fly in fog
Or the wise one

Raindrops on the glass
Shaded in the millions
Embossed on the paint

Plenty emotions
At the marathon
Joy and glee

Beauty sells quick
products expire quicker
Seasons make years

The tree in between
Drops of rain on its branches
Two dimensional

Harsh weather changes
Flaking skin of winter
Coats armour of god

Hardship in their eyes_
Gentle beings of New York_
sweetness in your smiles


Nice drive by the woods
Wooden cross and church by the road
Vulture eats deer

Clouds unknown blots,
Veins of life crisscross_
white blob in the sky

Sadness in your face
At the lab testing blood
Winter chill in spring

Pretty bird swoops down
Fresh moved grass with dog poop
Shits and flies away

Makes noise in bush
Swoops down again and waits
Looks, poops, flies away

Warmth of the sun
Sprinkler sprays water, chill breeze
Birds sing sweet notes

Watch the grass grow
When the sun shines, mow it
Water it again

In waves they come
Needles blowing in the wind
Cold rain between pines

Desires of passion
Searching in your luscious eyes..
Intense emotions

Gently she blows
Mischievous sparkle in eye
With a shining glow

As the sun blooms
gloom in clouds gray brighten
Thunder and lightning

Branches change color
From grey to red black and blue
Flurry of feathers

December 2013 – mar 2014


Sip of wine
Melting desire and heartache
Empty glass refills


Said goodbye to love_
The world is silent again…
Amidst the noise.


Every single day ..
insecure in this world _
Good or bad, life thrives


sun traces its path
sparkle of the morning dew _
lost forever


How to unlock?
Secret of human body_
potential of cell


rocking sideways
foetal position: sleeping_
invoking past life


shivers through the night ..
fever brings delirium..
tablet consumes sleep


winds of change unleashed…
confined within an island _
man who changed the world


from confined spaces
from obscurity to fame _
The great Mandela


the man who endured,
an icon of this century_
resting in peace


paintings displayed
colorful emotions_
everything on sale


moon reflects soft light
Orion and few stars shine _
meteor streaks by


evening sun
reflects on window pane_
pigeons making love


rays from the moon
dart earthward at speed of light _
seen through spectacles


silk thread woven,
across lonely walls _
destroyed by a face


those with love in life_
never in poverty
the joy of living


Chilly winter morning
uncontrollable shudder_
Zipping on mobike


hope wakes happiness_
jovial through the pleasant day_
sadness goes to sleep


weary being good_
the loud noise of silence
echoes loneliness


suds of life
churned out in slow motion..
watching soap


Early morning
school buses and garbage vans
ready to pollute


life of a soldier ant
marching on scent trail


smoke from the last puff_
old man throws in a mint
staggers to unknown


dancing mesmerized
the beauty of her movements
enthralls me to sleep


Orange sun hides
Behind a coconut tree_
dives into the sea


sickle moon
slices through the cloudless sky-
morning shivers


Sun burns through
crows dart across cloudy skies
athletes run


speck of dust sparkle
floating across the room



Haiku upgrade


the sari she wore
protects her children
cold wafts over their body


Fresh morning air
Warm sun darts through cold_
Smoke from an incense


In the journey of life_
who comes ; who goes


Are gods to blame ?
for these unfortunate _
or choices they made


awaiting the sun,
dark blotches of clouds-
shrill eagle fly through chill


pitch black canvas sky
smiling moon shines through _
white fluffy clouds


mystified thoughts
the broom is the man
rustling leaves protest


water laden fog
stops amazing speeds of light
clouding judgment


human swarms concrete,
by rumbling roaring traffic
lush green trees survive


sun fades; come darkness
eerie silence bides time
stray dogs keep watch


Asleep we dream
Awake we plan ; contemplate_
Rest after dreams


through fluid medium,
blind as a bat we exist.
motor spew fumes


be my moon
shine when I shine
else be quiet


static moon shines bright
clouds flow slow in front of it
blowing smoke skyward


school kids playing
kabaddi: ancient sport
muddy school ground


past krsna’s temple
road winds to gary’s abode
haunted house for drinks


the moon round n white
beautiful lustrous divine
oblivious me


listening to french song
similar to bengali
romantic language


distant and aloof
The moon; its brightness waning.
halo below shines


girl looking at me
talking to me so nicely
thinking of someone .


the sun creeps in slow
cuts through the chilly weather
clearing foggy mind


air, water, land
discharge fumes, filth into it
the end of earth nears


throw bait into sea
patiently wait; feel the pull
plastic pollution


clouds shine below sun
twin boats traverse silently
crescendo of waves


eroding trees
Rocks jutting into water
glee in the sea


On tv on stage
Kid Krishna licking white stuff
Does he understand


spied a frog in well.
threw stones; dint budge basho
why frog no jump out?


Arz kiya hai
Ped ke upar bandar
Aur niche insane


Suno oh ghalib
Mohabbat ki dastaan
Sab Kaazi ban baite

#ghalib #hindi #shayari #haiku


blue sky ; sickle moon
clouds shimmering; morning sun
eagles fly gracefully


yellow  butterfly
flies carelessly through traffic
behind yellow one


Jine laga tha
Tere bina Abh
Marne laga hoon


had started living
without you; now
started dying


you love someone
someone else loves you, needs you
another has you.


behold the dark clouds
ominous in nature
forecasting gloom


many pass daily by..
some cherished memories of _
long forgotten stones


hungry mosquito,
tries to feed off my hand.
shock waves


magnificent clouds
higher than mount Everest
filled with water


you say grow more trees
then you chop the branches
mute spectators.


poster on the wall,
keep Mangalore clean and green.
leaves strewn on the bridge


stubborn attitude
holed up in a tree ; seeking
answers to life


limping and trodding
and slowly ebbing away;
her careless whispers


happiness, not mine
success, snatched away
drive to work ; new day


leaving the planet
to higher realms.
her tormented soul


child asks grandmother
soothing tender healing
from soft blown words


soul needs to focus
like a child’s; unwavering.
castles in the air


floating in their medium
a poet sees all


aye ghalib what say
in times of need they come
rub salt on wounds


land and rituals
causing issues relating
gods and humans


astrologer says
lost time don’t come back _
at railway station


Elements have half life
No friends, no enemies


My time has come
Its yours to decide now
Prosper or perish


off the walls of the temple
prayers, hymns and clangs


exhale and behold
beauty of a soap sphere
memories forever


hunt for a bride
seeking and searching, far and wide
one night stand allures


the faster you grow_
missing out finer things
time flies to old age


twilight zone exists
by the banyan tree road
flickering street lights


spies a beautiful face
turns to get friendly
emptiness beyond


footsteps on concrete
bewildered green lizard flees
lush green lawns


pleasant smile; chirpy hi
recall past memories
few words exchange


waves fold on another
unknown forces at work
sound splashes all around


naughty smile; chirpy hi
absent minded girl
few words exchange


Small girl in train
Plays with nippled bottle
In between sips


Fat lady cravings
Peels cashew, throws on floor
Eats and sleeps


Man with bag
Oblivious of ant crawl
Dozes ; off to work


Hanging on
Violent jerks of train
Daily routine


Verumoru satyam
Katthunna vilakk

translation :
simple truth
inside the temple
a burning lamp

malayalam haiku from kerala


Kadala curry
choodu dosa kaathirikkunnu
Uppu kuravanu

translation :

chickpea curry
hot dosas await
salt is less

malayalam haiku from kerala

alternative :

maple syrup
hot pancakes await
less sweetness


Train delayed
Noise at railway station
No haiku in mind


Scorpio middle of road
Girls in really short skirts
Wet roads ahead


used to hate songs
of norah jones, now awesome
Lana del ray wow


soap and water,
muddles the window panes..
clears with plain water


fleeting memory,
those bygone days of love..
in the evening sun
when all is lost
and when no hope is in sight..
tv beckons thee

Haiku- sep -Dec 2013


Rain make lot of noise
Listen to the silence in between
sound of single drop


If you want to go
Have to separate you from the heart
image fades from eyes


Stole expensive whiskey
Running from cops and gadgets
Dream and throbbing head


Waves on river bob.
Many moons show on crests
Cricket and frog sing duet


Millions admire my beauty
Some try to understand the meaning
Intelligent Hala

(Hala – fruit from Hawai, looks like earths core)


Greed of the first sip
Blowing steam away to cool
Piping hot coffee


billions of stories_
Woven into fabric of time_
As night turn to day


Sweet as a dimple
Kiss on a cheek from bridegroom
Blushing, happy bride


Pulling threads of rope
Channels the wind directly into fire.
Bladesmith hammers away


Coconut tree sways
Dancing careless over water
Evening sun looks on


Sparkling drops of light
look at you through the window
Fall to the ground


Journey to see girls
Wife to be, fully dressed up
Worse than blind date


Smiley on jeans;
Lady comments in spanish
pointing at it


Basketball players
Oblivious of watchers
new york city day


Nothing last forever
Diamond do


Serene azure blue sky
No trees moved or birds flew
waves turned around


wolf howled under leaves
spit out pretty feathers of meal
I consume myself

Le loup criait sous les feuilles
En crachant les belles plumes
De son repas de volailles : Comme lui je me consume.
-From Rimbaud


Earth rolls around
Sun rays darts through windowpane,
Brighten unseen dust


big bang theory.
in the beginning, there was light ..
then you came along


fueled by ambition,
he toils day and night in vain_
non action is also action.


People talking near toilet
woman sitting on ground nearby
while birds search for food


realized it now
folly of existence
rain falls on lotus fields


no aspirations
what does one deserve
nothing at all


sun beams down warmth
darting through thick clouds
cuts through chill morning


Wet green rice fields
Mountains of coconut trees
Bird on mossy creek


lilies bloom wild
water logged crop fields
feasting buffaloes


clouds shade skies gray
carpets of green fields green by mountain
valley below


In love we seek
a good example of friendship

friend loots lovers house
(acha sila diya thune mere pyar da, yaar ne hi loot lya ghar yar da)


Worm writing haiku
Cytoplasmic ectoplasm
Crawling through voids


Tiring afternoon
Woke up with start, sensing
climax attained


old woman weaving
cotton in one hand, wicks the other
to be burnt to ashes

  unperturbed by noise,
chanting hymns from long ago –
unwavering faith


stopped at place of first kiss
listening to ‘Jesus to a child’
the lake still exist


vortex of sunlight
reflect on coconut leaves
dark clouds surrounds


confused ego realises
decisions that brought defeat
crystal clear tears roll


samadhi is suicide
nirvana ; moksha


wishing friendship day
to friends near and dear
strangers in paradise


I don’t deserve it
no angelic rewards
sin; desperation


old women ; drenched pavement
squatting with umbrella; seeking alms
answers a call… “hello”


bank clerk ignores me
over Uk return
10 lakh transacted


deep affection of long,
forgotten; laid to rest.
a feeble cold touch.


planes flying
swooping, searching for heading
my clock ticking


we have two lives
one before and one after marriage_
rum speaks great language.


Happy nag panchmi
I have one swig of rum
lizard tail dancing


Oh! Indian
eat biriyani, Wish faster
give milk to poor snakes


Oh indian
5 army killed, murderers roam free
Festival celebrations


dreams of childhood
beauty of centuries
drowned by rum bottle


you like me ; I like
you dont like ; I like that too
silent bomb explodes


For all the good done
do You know where this goes
Nothing has transpired 


tears streak down dark walls
is this the right thing to do?
old age home windows


cries of a peacock
bringeth tears over green grass
yearning and longing


farewell my friend,
yonder lies your destiny.
skies shed goodbye tears …


girls on one side
majestic tree on other
focus wavers


icecream in the rain
to my haiku pundits
silence beckons thee


throwing music
pleasant saxophone with keyboard.
comforting thoughts
(ghost box by black box )


I am no poet
I write no haiku 
rum speaks


life without love
searching for happiness_
walking in the rain


light from sky reflect
brackish swollen river
boatman row slowly


my work is no art
correct me if I am wrong
f*kd up so far..


glory be to thee,
thou shall not restrict my thoughts..
we are made of stars


Walking to mobike;
friend stops while talking ‘
baby snake slithers by


human intellect_
illogical _
young life taken away


Sun tries to attack..
Constant defensive showers..
Puddle reflections.


liver so used to;
alcohol deprivation_
smoke from a joint


words, connotations..
I love you haiku people..
you complete me


essence of haiku,
is in imagination..
dragon pigeon flies


Destiny takes on,
Unknown forces overwhelm;
My life is not mine


search is over,
world conspires to make it happen,
love child, grow up fast


Moon drowns daily..
like Sun into labyrinths_
seeking nothing.


throw the moon a rock,
cool light shines through softly,
passing clouds keep watch


Girls talking to me
Topics bizarre, vague and wild
Confusion all around


flat black mountain top,
peacock in search of a mate_
soulful cries echoes.


atop the mountain
amidst the thick forest green_
young bird on a branch


the inner self seeks..
peace, tranquility, knowledge.
when will losses recover?


boy proposes
girl says nothing at all_
tasty dorito


walking barefoot
dew drops mingle with rain..
hairy black wooly worm


lone boy in red tee
lost in thought; watching keenly_
puddle of intrigue


Work overloaded
Nervous breakdown inevitable


beatles tshirt,
worn to impress the daylights:
depressing day


well ironed suit,
rented for the occasion_
a walk down the aisle


stinging the face
the roar of motor bike
grey clouds drizzle


they say paperless,
then ask to submit prints..
crack and thud, tree falls


basking in the moonlight
slender arms reach upward
searching for answers


lil child on a tree
swaying in the breeze peacefully
long-dead, hidden within.


placed order for food
scrolling face on mobile
talking to pillar