designing online spaces

architecture of a digital real estate

Website development is not really really intricate. It is sometimes just dragging, dropping, copying, pasting, aligning, while at other times it is content development, designing, coding, scripting, troubleshooting, fighting malware, keeping backups, sql, php, java while integrating with domain, hosting, server as well as advertising, integrating and streamlining with social media platforms.

Basic site:

Rs. 8000/-
Domain Charges * 3000
Email charges as per provider.
Development 5000 for 5 pages.

Premium site

Rs. 20000/-
Domain Charges * 3000
Hosting charges * 7000
Development charges 10000 for 10 pages.


Ecommerce development 15000.
Payment Gateway integration 1000 per hour.
Additional pages 1000 per page.
Service and support charges 1000 per hour.
SEO, Chat & email, integrations at cost plus 1000 per hour.
Content, Banner Logo, proprietary Images has to be provided or charged 1000 per hour for development.
Stock images without copyright can be provided.
* Hosting and domain charges are renewable and subject to changes.