Story of Mars

The secret of the universe lies in your thoughts. every cell in your body responds to your neurological chemical impulses. zoom into it and it does the split cell trick to act as a wave and particle. You emit this subtle energy all around you and if you are sensitive enough you can feel it too just like hot and cold.

Every small or big mass tries to find the smallest gaps and fills it falling into itself and forming a sphere like a drop of water. So each cell and microscopic element all around. Go deeper and they stretch out into DNA, quarks, and strings.

Fly away and your flat Earth perspective becomes round not only due to perception but also due to the mass falling onto itself. Enter the round moon or planets and they slowly flatten out. It is same as landing on a drop of water. Once you enter its viscous elasticity, everything flattens out.So you do find this stretching out or flattening perspective at the relative point of visualisation.

5000 years ago, Mars sustained the last forms of life on it, a planet which was being drained of its resources over the years. These beings with elongated heads and powers of healing and construction had built sustainable underground facilities in the harsh environment. Now the planet had fewer resources to sustain and was getting colder. Most inhabitants had left to Orion a few years back and hope to never come back.

The last ones left, traveled to earth to teach the primitive humans the art of healing and engineering and some stayed for a lifetime. This exercise seemed futile at times leading to seeding of humans which lead to unusual consequences. Pyramids were constructed to act as a beacon and transmit signals as well as provide the latest in alchemy and sustainable energy sources. The knowledge was shared across Egypt, Europe, South America, India, and China.

A base was formed under the dense sea of Bermuda as a command Centre for operations leading to uneven energy levels distorting the fabric of the dimension. Inter dimensional travel was attempted successfully camouflaging open travel for many years except for the occasional sightings.

The average human was not able to grasp the gamut of information provided as their neurons had not matured and eating habits prevented much of brain functions.
The Martian’s still persisted and brought forth the smelting of gold which the Incas, Mayans, and Egyptians mastered. These were also made in large quantities in the pyramids which were constructed using the tools they created and the huge stones moved by a floating device.

Most of the early ages were spent in travelling back and forth to mars leading to the folklores and legends of eagle faced and monkey faced individuals who were able to fly and carry 12 strand DNA  in saucer and pyramid shaped objects leading to folklore among those who did not know about these expeditions creating heavens and gods of other outer worlds.

….. To be continued


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