untitled unfinished movie script draft

The grim reaper files.

The dogs have started howling, as usual the grim reaper makes his rounds. Resplendent in his dark coat, riding a wave of dark matter in rain or not, oblivious of the stink and the filth. He is happy accidents unusual sickness take away many and his work with yhe elderly souls he does until for an hour before 3.45 am

an egg or a sperm waiting for one other by the mere coincidence of a humongous proportion. The soul enters the body 2 weeks from the day it is fertilized. Some exiting out to the glory of one medium to another.

grim reaper snatches someone away to the dark zone unknown paving the way to releasing the soul in the next 2 weeks

chased by bad elements , no documents , fraud assumed , diplomat runs

jumps into IG’s mansion goes into house – hunger

he stays with a caretaker

peeping tom incident lady housekeeper

neighbour lady , IG’s wife and kid

extra security called in so he cant go out and runs from cops

hero on the wall

IG calls cops, he already gone , he comes with visa

comes back again watch her daily stalking

man acting dumb talks

Ladies more into eating microwave learning

Travel time 22 hours .
Bengalooru airport terminal via Emirates airline. Transfered extra weight to a check in and cleared all checks .
Journey was delayed due to unknown reasons by 1.30 hours.
The flight departure at 19:30 eventually departed at 21:30
Uneventful journey to Dubai with excellent service.
Landed at costly duty free Dubai and looked around .
Flight from dubai was on time with lots of leg room and lots of sleep. The landing at Dulles was much appreciated by a drunk copassenger who clapped In childish glee.

8:30 am headed towards customs and immigration manned by a single customs officer who was to cater to 250 non residents.

I was followed by a Canadian mallu family planning their 3day trip to dc and their fellow travelers planning further trips, children eventually got tired of waiting and sat down on the floor.

After half hour the officer finished his shift and left followed by 2 others who took forever to man their cubicle. So after 2 hours we got to meet the new officers who manned the stalls after much delay and changing cubicles.

The lady asked the usual questions and I informed her of the extended stay with my sister as its been 5 years since i seen her and multiple trips planned over the next few months. The camping trip and drive later down to California . She asked how many times I have been here and I told her the dates of the last 2 visits. Dint mention that the previous stay for 2 weeks was on b2 and was work related. She asked me how much cash I am carrying for which I said a thousand which was in the wallet. She typed in her journal and returned the passport, so asked I her if it had to be stamped for which she smiled and asked me to collect the bags and head to counter B . The customs form too was stamped B.

Went to counter B after collecting the checked in bags and they took the passport and tickets and any additional paperwork if there was any and asked to keep the bags along with the others next to the wall and be seated.

Waited for my turn along with others who were before me. These customs officials were thorough and spent long time with each family or individual. One person had a huge metal piece , looked like a suspicious machine component, not sure if he paid duty but he went early.

The Japanese and korean passengers from another airline after ours got translators or help from other passengers and seemed to breeze through in despair at counter C .

An arab couple who was detained much earlier sits crestfallen a row behind in the corner, her mehndi still fresh on her hands. An Indian guy who was ahead of me was running up and down finally went through. Another Indian guy who earlier was complaining about the delay was talking for a long time with an official. A very friendly conversation it looked like.

The eritrean guy moves closer to me and starts a conversation with another African passenger as to ghe the procedure involved. He got a one year visa and was planning on a six month stay with a friend of his brother. His brother was in Europe.

My pangs for a cigarette kicks in after the long flight . The last cigarette was at lunch the previous day with matt and geethu in bangalore. Craved for a cigarette at bangalore and dubai duty free but did not buy it and the time was a 12 pm eastern now. Mentioned this to the eritrean and he stated he cant help me with that but he offered me what looked like a 5 star bar.

The Eritrean knew I would be called before him and kept enquiring when we would be called. But I would not know as there is no particular sequence and looked like each one takes the file looks through the passport and gives a look and keeps it back and calls someone else.

Finally the African man with his wife and kid were let go after they filled the form and the Arab couple were called towards counter R which is next to B . The official stated that there was no reason why they should let him stay as he had come at an earlier time too. They did state that they would be deported and asked them to go back and sit. They were called in again after sometime and this time the patches on the sides of his forehead shows prominently and looked like the grim reaper had just called them.

A kid was running up and down happily oblivious of the tensed faces of some of the travel weary, confused and nervous people in the room. Her father in his light blue denim shirt sits with his chin on his chest. His wife’s accent definitely telugu. Not sure why they were there, but never saw him interact with anyone until the time he was let go at the end along with his wife and the kid who was making a ruckus running up and down the faces of the grim faced officials.

So after another 2 hour wait a chubby faced young officer calls me up to counter R and the eritrean went the first B counter out of the 2 B’s. He asked me for the reason of visit and I blurted the same what I told the lady at counter A which she has updated on my profile. He already had the passport and ticket printout. Spoke about the trips planned and how much i am going to enjoy months of travel and relaxation. Asked me where am I going to stay
He asked me what I do for a living and I talk about the long 9 year career with mphasis and how I ended it during the new year to plan for this trip as a 3month leave request was denied.
He then asked how I am going to spend for all this and how much cash i am carrying and how how I am going to pay for the stay and travel. I told him about the cash in the wallet and the funds in my debit card and credit card limit and also that my sister is going to take care of all my expenses.
Then out of the blue he asked me if I had my birth certificate. I said I dont but I might have something similar in the luggage. So he asked me to collect all the luggage from across the room where it was lying next to the wall and come to the counter.

So I do as he asked and place the luggage on the examination table behind the counter and he asks me to open all my bags. I did so and opened the cabin bag. On top are my certificates and all my important paperwork which he asks me about and I explain that since I left the job I am carrying all paperwork as I wanted it secure and close to me.

He asks me again what I am here for and what is the real reason i am here for. I relate the same thing as I told him before. Thats when he asked me not to lie to him and to tell him the real reason why I am here for with all the papers and why I want to stay for six months. I tell him the same thing.

He asks me to stand back and said he would check the bags himself and puts on his surgical gloves. Looks through the checked in bags and asks what the sealed plastic were and I come forward and describe shoes, cosmetics, perfumes, books etc . He asks me to stay back and I do.

Goes through my notepad and reads through it and again he asks me why I am carrying such important papers and originals on my journey, which is mainly camping and a cross country trip . Asks me for the birth certificate and I say I might have something similar like a school certificate and he showed the check mark on my check list against birth certificate. He asks me the reason I am lying and tells the main intention to come is to search for work. I say no and he tells me not to lie and stand back while he goes through the rest of the check.

He picked up the papers and showed them to me again and told me sternly not to lie and tell the real reason and he is going to ask one last time. I said the same thing about the trips and happy time I going to spend with sis and her family. He implied that I am here to search for work and with all the papers it was obvious. I assured him that my primary intention was to spend time with sis and if time permits and I get an opportunity I would not say no.


Confirmation letter.

LegAl work



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