Smart Deer

Once a upon a time there lived a deer in a forest. Once day the deer was returning home after finishing work at a nearby farm.
On the way the deer was stopped by a tiger. The tiger was hungry and wanted to kill the deer for food. The deer pleaded infront the tiger to let her go. But the tiger was adamant and din want to let go off the deer. The deer was thinking of ways to escape this situation and reach home.
Suddenly the deer realised that morning when she was going to work the deer had seen a pit near the big banyan tree.
The deer told the tiger if you leave me I wil show you a place where you will get fresh meat everyday. There is a group of cows grazing near by and the owner comes only in the evening. So you can eat to your content everyday.
The tiger agreed to this and as suggested by the deer started following the deer. Just as the deer had planned as soon as she reached near the pit the deer took a huge leap and the tiger unaware of this fell in the pit and broke his bone.
The smart deer ran home happily.


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